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International Cartoon Exhibition: Solidarity for Sustainability 2020, Turkey

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International Cartoon Exhibition: Solidarity for Sustainability
Topic: Sustainable Life
Sustainable life defines a lifestyle that includes the efficient, careful, fair, and responsible use of the natural resources of the planet while meeting the vital, economic, and social needs of individuals and communities. Correct use of natural resources, environmentally friendly nutrition and food systems, use of environmentally sensitive technology, renewable energy use, a healthy environment, equal distribution of resources means as the synchronous providing of economic welfare and social justice. The inclusion of sustainability in lifestyle means that the choices of individuals regarding food, product and energy use both today and tomorrow and being aware of the impact that future generations have on their lives. Within the scope of sustainable lifestyles to slow down global warming by reducing carbon footprint: reach to healthy food, reducing food waste, supporting local producers, the hunger-obesity paradox, environmentally friendly transportation, recycling, being a producer without a consumer, use of second-hand items, reducing plastic waste, use of environmentally friendly products, conserving biodiversity, reduce ocean-sea pollution and protecting sea creatures, planting a tree, respect for all creatures in nature, rights advocacy of disadvantaged groups, equality in income distribution, in support of art and artist works which include may apply.
In the works, critical, awareness-raising expressions that emphasize the causes and consequences of the global climate crisis, emphasize respect for the living rights of other creatures in nature should be taken into account.
Why an exhibition instead of competition?
Sustainability is a concept that includes solidarity, not competition. This time, we will embrace our planet, which is on the point of extinction, with solidarity and create awareness with our drawings.
To create awareness, we believe that cartoon is one of the best mediums.
Covid-19 pandemic’s relationship with sustainability and solidarity drawings, which are on the agenda when we prepare announcements for the cartoon exhibition, will make the cartoon exhibition more meaningful.
Who can participate?
• The application is open to all amateur and professional artists.
• Applications will be evaluated in two categories: under and over the age of 18.
Rules for the cartoons
• The cartoons which sent for exhibition may have been previously published, but the works must be original, unique and produced by the applicant.
• The works should be prepared in A4 size, 300 dpi, JPEG or PDF format and suitable for printing.
• If there will be text in the works, it should be in Turkish or English.
• The technique is free.
How to upload cartoons?
• For participation, the application form at the link below must be filled out completely and the cartoons should be uploaded by the down link, September 25, 2020.
• Applicants declare and undertake that all information they share is correct and that they accept all terms of participation conditions.
• Our institution is not responsible for the files that are sent in different formats and cannot be opened. • Artists can participate with a maximum number of 5 different works.
Evaluation for the Exhibition
• The cartoons that are evaluated and decided to be exhibited will be determined by SUYADER (Sustainable Life Association) and the Selective Committee to be determined by the Cartoon Workshop.
• Evaluation results – The owners of the cartoons found to be exhibited will be informed by e-mail on
25 October 2020.
• The cartoons that are considered worth exhibiting will be published in an album and this album will be sent to the owners.
• All cartoons that are considered to be exhibited and not seen will remain in the archive of the organizing institution, posters, calendars, brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc. can be used in organs by giving reference to the owner of the work. In case of a right, the owner of the work will be informed. Those who send works to the exhibition are deemed to have accepted these conditions.
Recycled ecological papers will be used in album printing.
The cartoons that are worth to be exhibited will be exhibited in Ankara on a date to be determined depending on the flow of the pandemic process.
If exhibition halls are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, an online exhibition will be held.
Emre Yılmaz -Cartoonist
Emine Aksoydan- Co-founder of SUYADER
Deniz Oslu- Engineer and sketcher
Çiğdem Demir- Designer and cartoonist.
Source: suyader.

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