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XXIII International Open Cartoon Contest Poland Zielona Gora

by Feridun Demir


XXIII International Open Cartoon Contest Poland Zielona Gora

Deadline: May 31, 2021

Theme: Mask

XXIII Open International Satirical Drawing Competition ph. MASKA / International Open Cartoon Contest MASK

Provincial and Municipal Public Library Cyprian Norwid and the University of the Third Age in Zielona Góra invite you to take part in the 23rd edition of the Open International Satirical Drawing Competition. The competition is aimed at a wide range of people who have a sense of humor, some artistic talent and a satirical view of the world. Anyone, regardless of age and profession, can participate in the competition. Both professionals and amateurs can take part in it. The condition is that the original, signed works should be sent in any number together with a signed application form. Any technique.

The choice of the competition slogan is an important decision every year. She is sometimes inspired by the current situation in the world and its problems. This was the case with the ph editions. “Plastic”, “artificial intelligence”, “social media”. Among the competition topics, many were timeless, neutral, such as: “library”, “castle”, “wine”, “music”.

This year, however, it is impossible to break free from the current pandemic situation. The theme of this year’s competition is “Mask”. A Chinese proverb, and even a curse, says: “May you live in interesting times.” And these “interesting times” have happened to us now. The mask is perhaps one of the most relevant visual symbols of the current situation.

People living in 2021, during the pandemic, will associate the slogan of this year’s competition in a completely different way than even three years ago. Now the “mask” is probably just a mask, i.e. the surgical one, FFP2, FFP3, N95, a helmet, and even a bandana and a “chimney”. One day, this “interesting time” will pass, we will keep our distance, we will relieve stress. And in this we can greatly help the attentive and attentive eye of satirists who extract from our present everyday life comic situations related to “masks”. And there are a lot of these. The output of the XXIII edition of the Open International Satirical Drawing Competition will be an interesting testimony to this experience of all people. We count on cartoonists who will help us relieve the stress that accompanies us for the second year.

And let’s not forget that the theme “mask” is also a starting point for many other associations and interpretations. The use of masks is a very old human practice all over the world, used in rituals , ceremonies , hunting, feasts, wars, sports, theater. Theatrical masks, “the ghost of the opera”, death masks, Zorro, Batman and Spiderman, carnival masks, masquerades, gas masks, anti-smog, Venetian, African, Halloween masks – these are just some associations with the slogan “mask”.

The practice of using masks is familiar to animals and even plants. So we all use camouflage, a game of appearances, make faces, put on poses, and mask ourselves.

So cartoonists have quite a wide range of associations to choose from and we count on their sense of humor, which we really need now.


Grand Prix – PLN 5,000.00 + statuette

1st prize – PLN 4,000.00

2nd prize – PLN 3,000.00

3rd prize – PLN 2,000.00

Additionally, there are special prizes.

Details can be found in the Regulations.


Application form

Rules and Regulations

Application Card


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