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World Press Cartoon Contest – Portugal 2022

by Cartoon Newspaper

DEADLINE: Jan. 31, 2022

Theme: Editorial, Gag and Caricature


a) The World Press Cartoon comprises three categories: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Humour.

b) The World Press Cartoon is not a themed salon; the aim is to distinguish the best works created and published in 2021 for each of these three categories.

● EDITORIAL CARTOON – All works shall be considered that deal with specific news & current affairs issues and events.

● CARICATURE – caricature works in the strict sense, with only humorous portraits being allowed.

● GAG CARTOON – works shall be considered that deal with themes that are not directly related to current affairs issues.

c ) Authors are free to submit to competition the works they consider to be of the highest level, but obviously, characters, themes and events with a more universal outlook are the most suitable for an international salon of these characteristics.


a) Each cartoonist may submit to competition one work for each category of the salon: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon.

b) Works created by using traditional techniques or works printed in high resolution when elaborated by digital or mixed techniques, signed by the author, are admitted. Techniques and software used must be mentioned in the application form.

c) Authors of digital works must not send CD, PenDrive or other digital support with the images. If necessary, the author will be asked by email to send the image in high resolution.

d) The format of the works cannot exceed the A3 European standard measure: 420 x 297 mm.

e) Accepted for competition are only the works that have been published between 01 January 2021 and 31 December 2021, in newspapers or magazines of regular publication and on sale to the public, or in online publications of recognized journalistic nature.

f) Works published on paper must be accompanied by the full page of the respective press publication. The author must also attach the front 1st page of the newspaper or magazine in which the competing work was published.

g) Works published online must be accompanied by a print screen of the site where they were published, with the date and title of the publication. You must enter the access link on the registration form.

h) Works with captions, subtitles or other words must be translated into English, and are to be included in the registration form.

i) Works competing in the Caricature category must include the character’s name and nationality on the entry form.

j) The works must be sent to one of the available addresses by 31 January 2022 inclusive. (postal date)


a) Each work submitted is required to have a registration form, pasted on the back of the original signed high-resolution print.


a) The registration act of a work automatically implies the transfer of the respective reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes.

b) The works that win an award or an honourable mention imply the automatic transfer of all copyrights to the organization of the World Press Cartoon.


a) The works must be sent in flat packaging, protected between two rigid cards.

b) On the package, clearly visible, must be written: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”.


a) The jury will consist of five members, including the Salon´s Director, who chairs it.

b) The organization of the World Press Cartoon, under the direction of the jury chairman, shall select the works that will comprise the public exhibition and its catalogue.

c) The jury is responsible for awarding prizes and honourable mentions.

d) The jury decisions are taken by majority vote and cannot be appealed.

e) The jury may also distinguish other works with honourable mentions that will be highlighted by a medal and authenticated by a diploma.

f) According to the assessment made on the quality standard of the competing works, the jury may not award all of the expected prizes.

g) The awarded works and those distinguished with honourable mentions become the property of the World Press Cartoon organisation.


a) In total, 10 prizes will be awarded according to the following structure:

GRAND PRIX – 10 000 €

Gag Cartoon

1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€

Editorial Cartoon

1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€


1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€

b) From among all the competing works for the different categories, the World Press Cartoon will award the best work with a Grand Prix of 10,000 Euros.

c) The Grand Prix will be chosen from the 1st Prizes of the three categories of the Salon.

d) The author distinguished with the Grand Prix will receive only the value attributed to that prize, hence not accumulating with the value of the 1st Prize of the category he won.

e) The prize value is subject to legal taxation as valid at the time of its attribution.

g) Prizes are symbol translated by a trophy and authenticated by a diploma.


a) The exhibition of selected works and the awards ceremony will take place at the CCC – Cultural and Congress Centre of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, on a date to be announced.

b) The nine winners will be invited to take part in the awards ceremony and inauguration of the public exhibition.


a) Participants with selected works for the exhibition and catalogue will receive one copy of the catalogue, as well as participation certificates.


a) The original works will be returned to the authors, whether or not they are part of the exhibition, with the exception of those awarded and the ones distinguished with honourable mentions.

b) High resolution print works shall not be returned.

c) On the registration form, the author must indicate his complete address, with updated info like name, street, city, postal code, country, email address and telephone number. Catalogues will not be sent to PO Boxes.

Entry Form



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