by Feridun Demir



Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021




All amateur and professional world cartoonists can participate the competition.
There is no restriction on technique usage.
A competitor can apply with a maximum of 5 works.
However, the owner of the works is paid for the work that deserves the highest award from the works that have been ranked.
The works that will participate in the competition must be uploaded by registering on the competition website (www.artcompetitionturkey.org)
in A3 size (42 cm x 29, 7 cm), 300 dpi resolution, four-color (CMYK) model, PDF or JPG (maximum scale) format suitable for printing.
Works that the advisory board considers to be the same or similar or that they belong to another cartoonist will not be evaluated.
Works that were previously published or exhibited in any competition can be sent to the competition, provided that they have not received an award in any national or international competition.
If it is determined that the submitted cartoons have been awarded in any competition before, the evaluation of the related cartoon will be canceled immediately.
If this situation is determined after the award is won, the candidate agrees and declares to return the money award he/she has won over the award price announced in this specification and with the certificate of achievement.
120 cartoons (20 of which are substitutes) submitted to the evaluation of the competition jury and made to the finals will be published on the website of the competition during this period if there will be an objection due to the copy or high similarity of the works, the reasons for the objections will be evaluated by the organizing committee, and if deemed appropriate, the objected works will be removed from the list, instead, works will be added from the reserve list.
The decision of the Advisory Board will be valid in this matter.
After the date of suspension, the first 100 cartoons that receive awards will be announced. Objections made after the suspension process will not be considered.
Prize payments will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the winners until 31.12.2021 at the latest.
Bank transfer charges and legal taxes will be deducted from the prize price.
The payments of the artists abroad will be made in USD, and the payments of the artists in the country will be paid in TL, taking into account the effective selling rate of the Central Bank on the announcement date of the competition results.
The first 100 works that to be awarded and deemed worthy of exhibition will be published in the catalogue.
This catalog will be shipped to the owners of the works with the counter party payment.
The award ceremony of the competition and the exhibition of the first 100 works will be held in the city and address determined by the Organizing Committee.
The jury members and the first 3 artwork owners will be invited to the award ceremony. Its expenses (plane, train, bus ticket and accommodation) will be covered by the Turkish Transplant Foundation. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony may be postponed or canceled in line with the decisions of the public authorities.
First degree relatives of the jury members cannot participate in the competition.
If the Organizing Committee deems it necessary, it may change the competition schedule or cancel the competition at any stage.
The decisions of Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Visual Communication Design Department and Turkish Transplant Foundation are valid for matters not specified in the competition or in case of hesitation.

The results of the competition will be notified to the winners by e-mail, the competition website, or social media channels.
The competition will be held by the pre-elimination method. For this reason, the pre-selection jury, which will be formed with the participation of the cartoon competition advisory board and project researchers, will evaluate the works to be sent to the competition.
The jury will make the assessment online in the digital environment between 5-9 October 2021.
The members of the jury will not have any other information other than the works of the artists.  
The first 120 cartoons evaluated by the jury will be shared with the public on the website (www.artcompetitionturkey.org) between 11-13 October 2021. If, as a result of the objections that can be made between the specified dates, it is determined that some cartoons contain copies and serious similarities at a high rate, the cartoons will be removed from the list after evaluation by the competition advisory board and its assistants, and cartoons from the reserve list will be added instead. All objections during the suspension process will be evaluated and taken into consideration. However, the process will end after the announcement of the competition results on October 15, 2021.

First Prize: 2000 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Second Prize: 1500 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Third prize: 1000 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement
Kaan Ertem Special Award
Prof. Dr. Arash Pirat Special Award
Sevgi Aydemir Gecegörmez Special Award


Announcement of the First 120 Cartoons
October 11-13, 2021

Announcement of Results
October 15, 2021

Award Ceremony and Exhibition
November 3-9, 2021

Deadline 1/10/2021


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