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A Colourful Human World – exhibition opening 1. December 12.00

by Feridun Demir

In early 2018, cartoonist Fadi Abou Hassan aka FadiTOON invited cartoonists from all over the world to participate in the international cartooning competition “A Colorful Human World”.

The competition received 1385 entries from 496 cartoonists and a panel jury of 18 professionals selected two Grand Prizes and 4 runners up. The winners and a selection of the best cartoons will be on show at The Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery in December.

“The world can at times seem very grey and depressing. There is always some “other” to blame for everything and situations may appear hopeless. Cartoonists must convey this but they can also look for hope and colour. This was a competition to make us forget to be scared and find different ways of (re)connecting. Cartooning at its finest is a spring of hope. It gives us ways to critically rethink and find alternatives to bridge the “us” and “them”. We get to see the human in the other” says Fadi Abou Hassan.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Cartoon Home Newtork International and the Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery and will show all winners and shortlisted works.

It is supported by Fritt Ord.

DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/events/343254236449883/?event_time_id=343254246449882


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