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Hardalist, is the “Social Blah-Blah” that allows you to create fun posts with magic tools and lets you to share them on other social or non-social platforms. It contains “bubble-free” artwork (cartoons, comics, illustrations etc.) that everyone can use freely. You can make your own art by adding any bubble (speech, thought, scream) you want.

You can create new comics or cartoon stories by using the artwork (which we call a “layout”) prepared specially for users by adding bubbles, character stickers or using drawing tool.

See what your artwork tell others!

We invite you to share your valuable artwork with people over the world to interpret them infinitely. Support and inspire the Art-Lovers with your art skills to help express their thoughts. You will be surprised to see what your artwork means to others!

What do we want?

To be more collective, that art shouldn’t be monopolized! Individuals need to begin getting in the habit of producing, thinking and sharing.

Work Submission Terms

  • Drawing technique is free form.
  • Works should be square and should not contain any text,
  • The Artwork should not contain balloons, speech bubbles, thought clouds, etc.
  • It must be 326 dpi resolution and 2000 x 2000 pixels.

You can send your Layouts(artwork) via Hardalist Apps or at https://artist.hardalist.com/get-published

If you are a creative and active artists, ask for an artist badge from us. Let the Hardalist community know that you are a drawing artist.

Hardalist Crew


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