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The results of the “S-CooMix 2018” Italy

by Feridun Demir

Yesterday, in the prestigious setting of the San Giuliano Milanese exhibition hall, heated by a large audience, finally the winners of the first edition of the international competition of Satira Scoomix, dedicated to the school, were unveiled to the world.
The competition was attended by 282 authors from 42 different countries for a total of 588 vignettes forcing the jury composed of;
Giorgio Giunta (which then would be me)
Nadia Pizio
Riccardo Orlandi
Joy Zar
Nicole Marnini
Marco Fusi
to a painful choice to extract the 100 to be exhibited and the winners.
But no more talk and come to the prizes, first of all we owe you the final ranking of the public vote that sees the third place with 32 votes: Peter Vanessi PV, the second with 35 Poya Sareh پویا سره Poya Sareh (England) and the first with 45 votes:
Mariagrazia Quaranta
As for the winners decreed by the technical jury, we have:

Under 18
Sofia Slobodyan
Rossella Palmiero
Lorenzo Grignani
Petya Chernyschev
Aminov Ruslan
Ruslai Lopez Herrera

Sergey Sokolov (Russia)
Yangduoi (China)
Sepideh Faramarzi (Iran)
Wesam Khalil
Алексей Кивокурцев
Aleksei Kivokurtcev (Russia)
Goran Celicanin) Serbia)
Hamid Soufi (Iran)

Giovanni Beduschi
Enrico Biondi
Armando Lupini
Valentino Villanova
Pietro Vanessi PV
Satire Award Winner
Tino Adam
Illustration Winner
Mariagrazia Quaranta
Before finishing let me thank the town of San Giuliano Milanese
For the patronage, S-cool and in particular Gioia Zar who in these months has endured my anxieties, the cartoonists and the cartoons without which the exhibition would not have been so beautiful, cared for and successful.

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